The Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN) is a multi-site, State-wide health translation network. It builds on the strength of WA medical research to maximise collaboration in Western Australian medical research and the rapid translation of medical discoveries to patient care  and community health. With large multi-disciplinary teams the WAHTN provides leadership at international levels of excellence in innovative health research, collaboration and translation.

Western Australia’s well-established medical research facilities, coupled with state-of-the-art new infrastructure, have already placed us at the forefront of modern health care. The major hospitals, medical research institutes and five universities that comprise the WAHTN have benefitted enormously from substantial State investment in new facilities in recent years, creating exciting new opportunities for health and medical researchers to work closely with clinicians to benefit patients and the health of the community.


Our researchers and clinicians are acutely aware that the practice of medicine in the 21st century is undergoing a revolution in technology and will lead to an unprecedented ability to detect patients at risk and enable far more “personalised or precision medicine” for prevention and treatment. Extensive cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration is core to the WAHTN’s model for health care and translational research.

To facilitate translation, collaboration and training WAHTN has established Speed Networking Meetings within WAHTN’s ‘ENABLING PLATFORMS‘.