In order to develop drugs, devices and other products or services that create a commercial return and have a positive impact on society, strong partnerships between commercial industry and the biomedical health research sector are crucial. WAHTN is committed to supporting commercialisation and innovation opportunities, acting as an important conduit linking all Western Australia’s major hospitals, medical research institutes and five universities.

Initiatives to support commercialisation and innovation within health and medical research in WA include:

  • The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI) offers training and education to enhance understanding of translation and commercialisation;
  • iPREP WA, in 2017 awarded PhD candidates from all five universities will have access to CERI’s Programme and be matched with industry partners for short-term work experience;
  • Accelerating Australia, supported by the Medtech and Pharma Industry Growth Centre (MTPConnect), is a consortium linking WAHTN partners, CERI, SPARK Co-Lab, biotech and an extensive mentorship network in WA with hubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide;
  • BioZone, an initiative of the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Science at the University of Western Australia, promotes transdisciplinary initiatives and innovation;
  • and through the not-for-profit SPARK Co-Lab, working with programs adapted from Stanford University and affiliated with SPARK Global.

Examples of WA Spin-out Companies:

  • Sarepta: Exon-skipping treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, approved by the FDA in September 2016.
  • Dimerix*: Using GPCR assay technology to develop lead compounds across several disease indications.
  • iCeutica: A proprietary SoluMatrix™ technology; two nano-pharmaceuticals for pain and inflammation; FDA approved.
  • MiReven: Developing and commercialising use of miR-7 as a cancer treatment.
  • Ondek: H.pylori vaccine delivery technology.
  • Orthocell*: Orthopaedic technology-based company developing methods of ankle and elbow tendon repair.
  • Resonance Health: MRI technology able to assess iron overloads diseases in the liver.
  • Sensear: an award-winning ‘active hearing’ Protection Company.
  • Eridan Technology: Developing a nanoparticle method of therapeutic delivery.
  • Avita Medical Ltd*: A medical device company developing and distributing highly innovative skin regeneration products and treatment solutions derived from the regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin.
  • Phylogica*: Develops proprietary peptide candidates, Phylomer peptides for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

*ASX listed companies.