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The Research Education and Training Program (RETP) is designed to help busy health researchers and practitioners’ up-skill and keep their knowledge current.

RETPs vision is to provide accessible online research education which will:

  • Significantly enhance research workforce capacity and capability and therefore the standard of health and medical research in Western Australia
  • Lead to the attraction of first class researchers to a high quality research environment

The aim of the RETP program is to empower WA health scientists and practitioners to improve the efficiency of the planning, design, implementation and translation of successful research which can impact policy and practice.

Since 2015 a suit of online education modules have been developed specifically tailored to the needs of the WA health and medical research community for all Western Australian health researchers. The online courses, workshops and other educational resources are high quality and current. A Steering Committee guides the strategic direction of the curriculum, delivery and evaluation of the program.

If you’re based in WA at a WAHTN partner organisation, the online training is free of charge and can be undertaken at time convenient to the user. Materials can also be tailored by individual institutions or departments for use in the research indication process. It can also assist in setting expected standards and alert staff entering research to key contacts, training, and resources in the field. RETP will continue to expand and offer additional content areas.

Take a look a the current workshops or check out the available online training.