Chief Executive Officer, Ear Science Institute Australia

Ms Sandra Bellekom is the Chief Executive Officer of Ear Science Institute Australia. She has dedicated the past two decades to helping people around the world enjoy better hearing.

Her career began as an audiologist in Queensland and she gained significant experience via audiological positions throughout Australia, before expanding her work portfolio to include managerial and business development appointments within Australia, and the United States of America.

This mix of strong business acumen and extensive experience in clinical service and patient centred care, has provided Sandra with a unique ability to lead all facets of ear and hearing, from the overarching organisation vision through to the critical frontline of patient care. Sandra has acquired a skill set and passion to enable her to contribute to improving hearing health locally, remotely, nationally and internationally, in both the public and private sectors.

Sandra is committed to the growth of an evidence-based approach for those with hearing loss by utilising advances in technology and automation to drive translational and clinically relevant research. This will serve the growing need in ear and hearing services both locally and beyond. She strives to use these rapidly advancing areas to assist in her primary goal of reducing the period of time that most patients take to seek help for their hearing loss; this is presently a staggering seven years.

Sandra is the former President of the WA Chapter of Audiology Society of Australia; a current Adjunct Research Fellow at the Ear Sciences Centre, School of Surgery UWA; Management Committee Member of WA Health Translation Network; Lions Hearing Foundation Professional Board Member; and Management Committee Member of Ralph and Patricia Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute.