Director, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

Professor Peter Leedman is the Director of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (‘Perkins’) in Perth, Head of the Perkins Laboratory for Cancer Medicine and Professor of Medicine (endocrinologist) at Royal Perth Hospital. He is also Chairman of Linear Clinical Research Ltd (the Perkins 24 bed phase 1 clinical trials facility). Peter completed medicine at UWA, trained in endocrinology at Royal Melbourne Hospital before completing his PhD at WEHI and a Post-Doc in a Howard Hughes Institute at Harvard Medical School where he worked on the molecular mechanisms of thyroid hormone action. Peter was instrumental in establishing the Perkins and building the two new buildings with Peter Klinken, the former Perkins Director.

He is internationally recognised for his research on the molecular mechanisms of hormone action, with a focus on RNA biology and microRNAs, and how this information can be harnessed for novel therapeutics, especially in poor prognostic tumors, such as head and neck and liver cancer. He co-founded miReven, a spin out company established to commercialise microRNA-7 as a replacement therapy for cancer, and is driving this initiative towards an early phase clinical trial in patients with liver cancer. In his spare time, he immerses himself into family and friends, food, cycling, reading, travel and playing drums in a rock and roll band.