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The Clinical Trial and Data Management Centre is a WAHTN enabling platform which aims to enhance clinical trials and related data management in Western Australia.

The platform is a WAHTN-wide entity sharing expertise in clinical trial study design (including novel designs), clinical trial conduct, data management, data-linkage, analytical techniques for clinical trial datasets, bio-repository techniques and clinical registry datasets. It facilitates the pursuit of large-scale clinical trials and translational healthcare research in WA.

Benefits of the Clinical Trials and Data  Management Centre include:

  • Enhanced access to high-quality clinical trials for patients and clinicians
  • Attract a greater number of clinical trials to Western Australia
  • Secure a nationally recognised leadership role for Western Australia in the management of large clinical trials and public health data-sets
  • Position Western Australia to capitalise on its established leadership in data-linkage and the increasing need for large database capacity in areas such as large clinical trials, clinical registries, and quality of care monitoring
  • Meet an increasing demand for specialist skills in software and web developments related to clinical trials analysis, health data-management and bio-statistical analysis
  • Increase national capacity in clinical trials and clinical registries data-management and analysis skills
  • Reduce risks associated with large-scale data processing
  • Maintain leading-edge skills with training and professional development and provide a structured career path for staff involved in clinical trials and data management

Clinical trialists have come together under the banner of WAHTN to increase expertise in sponsoring, administering and governing clinical trials in WA, securing data management expertise, thereby enabling WA to participate as equal partner in national and international trials networks.

The WAHTN are offering a Clinical Research Support Service for anyone currently involved or interested in conducting clinical research in Western Australia.
This service is provided by the Clinical Trial and Data Management Centre (CTDMC) who will be visiting WAHTN Member Partners* each Tuesday.


Upcoming 2020 sessions

In light of COVID-19 we will be offering these sessions via Webex or telephone. Please email CTDMC@curtin.edu.au to book an appointment. We are keen to support the clinical research community at this challenging time. If your query relates to COVID-19 please let us know as we will prioritise these requests.

Tues, 7 April 2020Fiona Stanley Hospital


The Clinical Trials and Data Management Centre is supported by:

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